Division of Petroleum & Chemical Safety


Facility: 2019984 Tank: 2

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Capacity: 5000
Product: Gasoline - Premium
Status: Currently in use
Regulated Status Federal
OSFM First Notify Date: 5/8/1986
Current Age: 51
Install Date: 1/1/1971
Last Used Date:
Product Date: 1/1/1971
Petroleum Use:
CERCLA Substance:
CAS Code:
Removed Date:
Abandoned Material:
Abandoned Date:
Red Tag Issue Date:
Fee Due: $0.00
UL Number

Equipment Information

Equipment Type Equipment Install Date Last Passing Test Date Test Expire Date Failed Test Date
Corrosion Prot - Piping Sacrificial Anode Flex Connector 3/10/2020 3/10/2023
Corrosion Prot - Piping Fiberglass Non-Corrosive N/A N/A
Corrosion Prot - Tank Lining Materials Internal 4/5/2022 4/5/2027
Leak Detect - Piping Electronic Pressurized Line Leak Detection 4/6/2022 4/6/2023
Leak Detect - Tank Automatic Tank Gauging Veeder Root TLS 350 with CSLD 4/6/2022 4/6/2023
Overfill Prev Device Overfill Drop Tube Valve 7/18/2019 4/6/2022 4/6/2025
Piping Fiberglass Single Wall Piping N/A N/A
Piping Single Wall STP/Tanktop Sump
Leak Detect - Piping Piping Sump Sensors Not Regulated Not Installed N/A N/A
Spill Contain Device Single Wall Spill Bucket 7/18/2019 7/18/2022
Tank Steel Single Wall 10/29/2003 N/A N/A

Blended Fuel Compatibility Forms

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Additional Tests

Equipment Type Equipment Test Type Test Result Test Date History
Piping Fiberglass Single Wall Piping Precision Test Pass 4/6/2022 Show History
Tank Steel Single Wall Precision Test (Tank) Pass 4/6/2022 Show History