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Welcome to the UST Public Inquiry page. It is OSFM policy to make the fullest possible disclosure of information without unjustifiable expense or unnecessary delay to any requester. If additional information is required, please visit the FOIA Request page. Before making a request, please make sure the information you seek is not already available on the OSFM Web site.

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Instructions for UST Search

  • Enter all known search criteria in the fields above. The greater the number of criteria entered, the quicker the search results will be returned. The entries can be partial or full text. For example, you may enter "speed" for the Facility Name and "san" for the County to obtain a list of all facilities in Sangamon county with a facility name beginning with "Speed."
  • "Facility Status", "Facility Type", "Tank Status", and "Tank Product" can have multiple items selected. Click inside their respective box to select an item; click the " x " to de-select an item.
  • Check the "Exact Match on City" to cause the search to bring back results which match the entered city exactly. Otherwise the search will bring back results containing the entered city.
  • The wild card character "%" can be inserted in the middle of a search criterion. For example, enter "12%Main" in the Address field to return all facilities with an address that has 12 some characters and then Main. The wild card character already exists at the beginning and at the end of the text entered in all text search fields. For example, enter "lake" in the Address field and select "Sangamon" in the County field to retrieve all facilities in Sangamon county with the letters "lake" contained within the facility address.
  • The initial Facility Search Results page displays the Facility Number, Facility Name, Facility Address, Facility City, Facility Type and Facility Status. You may click on the column heading to sort the data by the selected attribute.
  • Clicking on the Facility Number obtains additional information on the facility, owner, tanks, and permits.
  • Clicking on the Address will open a page with a map to the address location.


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