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  Notification Form

Notification Form

This form allows any individual, corporation, partnership or other business entity to submit an online Notification Form to the Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) in order to comply with the OSFM statutory or regulatory requirements. In order to use the online Notification Form, you must provide an email address associated with the applicant submitting this Notification Form. This email address will only be used for communication purposes and will not be shared with anyone. Every Notification Form will also require an “Authorization to Submit Notification of Underground Storage Tank Form” to be completed. This form must be signed by the owner/operator and uploaded to the online Notification Form.

Please save the Access Code, it is required to re-open the Notification Form if you close the browser.

(The access code will appear at the top of the page and will be emailed once the Notification Form is started)

You can search for an Notification Form that you had previously started, not yet submitted, and continue working on it by entering the Access Code that was provided to you when you first started the application and your email address.